Call For Proposal 2011 - AWID: IPPF South Asia Regional Office: Consultants for developing Advocacy Tools and Messages for SRH-HIV integration in Global Fund Proposals

Posted by Shofi Fida Friday, August 5, 2011 0 comments
Closing Date: August 12,2011:
The advocacy will be done with various stakeholders like government representatives, CCM members, organizations working in the fields of SRH, PLHA networks, youth organizations, media and other stakeholders who are able to influence the Country Coordinating Mechanism members of the Global Fund in the project countries. The advocacy will help in increasing the commitment of the CCM members towards SRH-HIV integration, as well as increase their understanding on the benefits of integration in their own country context.
The consultant will be responsible for the following:
  • Development of an advocacy tool
  • Development of 4 advocacy fact sheets on benefits of integration
  • Development of minimum 4 key messages per fact sheet.
Please find more details regarding the consultancy in the attachment below. For any queries related to this, please email:
More Informations:


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