Request For Proposal 2016 - The HEAD Foundation: for Social and Education Project

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Closing Date: 30 November 2016.

The HEAD Foundation (THF) is pleased to announce its 2016 Request for Proposals (RFP) for social and education projects. Through this RFP, THF is seeking to provide funding for projects that contribute to knowledge dissemination and societal development, thus allowing the Foundation to fulfil its mission of contributing to Human Capital & Education for Asian Development. As a non-profit organization that enables positive social changes in Asia, we are keen to support projects that.
§ produce scalable and sustainable positive social impact;
§ raise public awareness for today’s pressing issues in human society;
§ help to disseminate knowledge and skills for human capital development;
§ are relevant and applicable to multiple Asian societies, but with a focus on ASEAN nations.

We welcome proposals for both research and non-research projects.

Eligible Countries: 
Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philipines, Singapore, Thailand, Viet Nam

Grant Fund:

The foundation targets to fund projects with a project budget of S$50,000 to S$80,000, and project duration of one year or shorter.

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Grant Program 2017 - SCI:Grants for Wildlife Conservation and Research

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Closing Date: October 31, 2016.

Large grants are awarded to projects with strong potential to contribute to the sustainable management of natural resources or the advancement of constructive wildlife research. Conservation projects are evaluated for their relationship to sustainable use of wildlife, and their ability to work toward maintaining healthy ecosystems and providing quality habitat for all wildlife species.

SCI Foundation realizes that as costs associated with conservation efforts escalate, no organization can solely conserve wildlife. For this reason, SCI Foundation also seeks opportunities to forge partnerships with organizations. Coalitions are quickly becoming the most desirable mode by which significant projects can be implemented. SCI Foundation encourages applicants to form multiple partnerships and not rely solely on funding from SCI Foundation.

Applicants can apply for up to $50,000 per year of support. Please see the SCI Foundation Conservation Large Grant Terms and Conditions for information on SCI Foundation's areas of interest and the terms for accepting funding

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Call For Proposal 2016 - CFC: Support for Commodity Development Activities

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Closing Date: October 31, 2016.

The CFC (an intergovernmental financial institution) provides financing to organizations and enterprises engaged in commodity value chains in its member countries. Through a range of financial instruments, the CFC seeks to support business activities in the field of commodity development, including agriculture, minerals and metals in Developing Countries. The intervention should, besides giving a sound financial return, also provide for a measurable social and environmental return.

The CFC supported activities promote the development of the commodity sector in CFC member countries and contribute to sustainable development in the following aspects:
1.                 Social: Create employment (particularly for youth and women), provide sustained increase in household incomes, reduce poverty, and enhance food security.
2.      Economic: Enhance production and productivity, achieve higher local value addition; improve competitiveness of producers, producer organisations and small and medium sized industries, support the financial sector development.
3.       Environmental: Enhance production taking into account the environment and its long term possibilities for the same, or increased use of productive resources while maintaining or reducing the impact on the environment.

The CFC supports implementation of activities along the value chain that:
·         are innovative, scalable and replicable,
·         are financially sustainable,
·    have a potential measurable positive socio-economic and environmental impact on the stakeholders in commodity value chains as compared to the prevailing baseline situation,
·         develop stronger connections with existing markets or create new markets along the value chain,
·     increase financial or other services available for commodity producers and commodity based businesses,
·     enhance knowledge generation and information dissemination, and - build effective and cost efficient collaboration between producers, industry, governments, civil society organisations and other stakeholders for commodity based development.

Eligible to apply under this Call for Proposals are all legal public and private entities that:
  • operate in commodity value chains in CFC member countries or provide financial services to micro, small and medium sized businesses operating in these value chains,
  • have a proven relevant track record of sound commercial operations in the proposed activities over a period of at least 3 years, which can be documented by means of (audited) financial statements, and
  • share CFC’s values, including internationally recognized principles concerning human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption as reflected in the United Nations Global Compact.

The amount of finance requested from CFC should not exceed 50% of the total amount required to execute the project. The balancing amount of co-financing is to be provided by the applicant and/or by other co-financiers. Such co-financing should be relative to the new funding requirement for the (investment) project. Sunk cost are not considered a financial contribution. A thorough assessment of the co-financing available will form part of CFC’s final due diligence verification.

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Grant Program - TMC: Toyota Environmental Activities Grant Program 2016

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Closing Date: June 17, 2016.

Toyota makes grants to support environmental activities implemented by nonprofit organizations. The themes are "biodiversity conservation" and "countermeasures to global warming." Grants are made in Japan and internationally. The international program is open to applicants in Japan, and to international partners in collaboration with Japanese groups.

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Grant Program 2016/2017 - TOYOTA Foundation

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Closing Date: June 10, 2016.

The grant program focuses on deepening mutual understanding and knowledge-sharing among people on the ground in East and Southeast Asia who are finding solutions to shared issues. Through promoting direct interaction among key players, the grant program aims to survey and analyze situations in target countries, obtain new perspectives, and expand the potential of future generations.

With multinational teams comprised of participants from diverse backgrounds, projects can avoid conventional linear relationships, such as supporter and supported or instructor and trainee, and instead form cooperative and creative alliances that consider, act on, and construct solutions to shared issues. The grant program anticipates that these partnerships, which extend beyond such factors as nationality, age, and organizational affiliation, will produce significant social change through fostering a process of mutual learning.

Project Period:
One year (Nov 2016 Oct 2017) or Two years (Nov 2016 Oct 2018)

Expected Output:
Projects are required to;
1) Identify issues and conduct a review by surveying and analyzing the situation in target countries; 
2) Carry out activities aimed at addressing issues;
3) Produce and disseminate tangible output, such as policy proposals, guidelines, photo and video works, and reports; and 
4) Submit the Record of Change.

Grant Amount (maximum per project):
a) One-year project: JPY 5,000,000 (approx. USD 44,500);
b) Two-year project: JPY 10,000,000 (approx. USD 89,000)

Eligible Country:

China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, South Korea, Mongolia, Japan, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Timor-Leste, Vietnam.

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Call For Proposal 2016 - OPCF: Conservation Funding

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Closing Date: January 31, 2016.

OPCFHK envisions a world where Asian wildlife remains biologically diverse under the stewardship of humans, corporations and governments.  We are committed to advocating, facilitating and participating in effective conservation efforts of Asian wildlife, with an emphasis on Chinese white dolphins and giant pandas, as well as their habitats.  This will be achieved through partnerships, fundraising, research and education.

With limited available funds and given the urgency of conservation efforts, it is important that research studies are designed to be effective for conservation.  Therefore, we seek proposals with measurable conservation outcomes.

The Foundation solicits projects on threatened animal species in Asia, particularly on the Foundation’s thematic species; giant pandas and Chinese white dolphins.  The outcomes of the studies must contribute to successful conservation and could entail the development of conservation action plans and/or community education programmes.  All proposals must include relevant, specific conservation targets and measurable milestones and evaluation of the programme’s effectiveness with specific and quantifiable indicators.  Projects should focus on one of the areas below:
A. Conservation Research and Management
B. Community Education and Capacity Building

Regular projects last from 1 to 2 years should focus on either one nature of the above.  For multiple-year projects last for 3 to 5 years, both natures can be submitted but in two separate proposals. Applicants shall also explain how resources and the project works are synergised and complementing each other to achieve the overall goal.

Total Funding: 

Majority of successful applications in 2015/16 were one-year projects averaged HK$ 184,000/year (US$23,000).  The funding provided is to cover the relevant project expenses during the approved project period, as stated in the application.  Multiple-year proposals last from 3 to a maximum of 5 years and limited to HK$ 1 million per year will be considered separately based on project conservation impact.

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