Call For Proposal 2011: EEP Indonesia launching the first cal for proposal

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Closing Date: Sept 19, 2011:
                                                    Project Profile

The first call for proposals for the EEP Indonesia financial support to renewable energy related projects has been launched. The focus of this call is the biomass based renewable energy production and utilization in the EEP Indonesia target provinces in Central Kalimantan and Riau.
The first call for proposals is open for the following types of projects:
  • (Pre-)feasibility studies for renewable energy related investments and projects,
  • Demonstration/pilot projects on industrial applications for bioenergy production and utilization, and
  • Demonstration/pilot projects on applications for bioenergy production and utilization contributing to the development of rural communities.
The overall schedule of the EEP Indonesia First Call for Proposals is given below:
19 July
August (during the first half)
Seminars on the EEP Indonesia facility and training on formulation of the Project Profiles
19 Sep.
Deadline for the Project Profiles
19 Sep. - 19 Oct.
Evaluation of Project Profiles
19 Oct.
SC meeting (pre-selection of the projects to be supported)
19 Oct. - 30 Nov.
Formulation of the final Project Proposals
3rd week of Oct.
Training on formulation of the project proposals
1 - 31 Dec.
Drafting of contracts for project execution
End of Dec. 2011 - end of Jan. 2012
Start up of project execution

Evaluation criteria

Only those proposals that gain the pre-set minimum points will be presented in the SC. The Technical Evaluation Team will give recommendations on how to improve project proposals which do not gain minimum points and the NCU TA may assist applicants on request to improve their project applications.

The EEP Central America and EEP Mekong have recently adopted new project Selection Criteria. In view of co-financing opportunites for the EEP and need for the overall harmonization of donor efforts, EEP Indonesia applies these criteria to the project selection in Indonesia (Tentative Partnership Project Evaluation Grid and the Selection Criteria produced based on the documentaion of EEP Mekong is given in Annex 3).

The criteria assess funding proposals for the following aspects:
  • Financial and operational capacity
    • Project management capacity, technical expertise, sources of finance
  • Relevance
    • How relevant is the proposal to the objectives and one or more of the priorities of the component (This could be specified in the call for proposals)?
    • How relevant to the particular needs and constraints of Indonesia or a province is the proposal? (Including avoidance of duplication and synergy with other initiatives)
    • How clearly defined and strategically chosen are those involved (final beneficiaries, target groups, intermediaries)?
    • Have the needs been clearly defined and does the proposal address them appropriately?
  • Methodology
    • Are the activities proposed appropriate, practical, and consistent with the objectives and expected results?
    • How coherent is the overall design of the action?
    • Is the partners' level of involvement and participation in the action satisfactory?
    • Does the proposal contain objectively verifiable indicators for the outcome of the action? Is the action plan clear and feasible?
  • Sustainability
    • Is the proposal likely to have multiplier effects?
    • Economic sustainability: what are the positive (and negative impacts) on the local and national economy?
    • Social and environmental sustainability
  • Budget and cost effectiveness
    • Is the ratio between the estimated costs and the expected results satisfactory?
Extra merits are given to the projects which enhance cooperation between the donor country and project developers and technology transfer.
Minimum contributions by applicants
The minimum contribution by project developers/applicants to the implementation of the project is, as follows:
a) Non-profit NGOs: 20 % (can be in-kind)
b) Universities/research centers: 25 %
    - Private universities/research centers: minimum 20 % cash
    - Public universities/research centers: minimum 10 % cash
c) Government agencies: 25 % (can be in-kind)
d) Private sector: 25 % (cash).

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