Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation - Request For Proposal 2012: Preventing Preterm Birth Initiative

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Closing Date: January 31,2012:

The present Request for Proposals (RFP) is meant to catalyze additional research on preterm birth and stillbirth associated with preterm birth, including attracting investigators new to the field of reproductive sciences. While these conditions are but a few of the number of adverse pregnancy outcomes, their primary importance is reinforced by: (1) the lack of existing widely applicable preventative solutions, (2) the broad applicability and particular relevance to developing world settings, (3) the likely overlap in causal exposures and biological mechanisms, (4) the wide array of data and hypotheses available upon which to develop proof-of-concept studies for novel pathways and interventions; and (5) the compelling burden of disease globally.

The primary goals of this RFP are to:
1. Explore underlying mechanisms leading to preterm birth or stillbirth (associated with preterm birth) with emphasis on the role of infection, inflammation, and poor nutrition.
2. Complete funded studies within three to four years that provide critical discoveries and evidence to guide development and testing of new interventions or refine the application of existing interventions. Support for clinical trials will not be provided in the context of this RFP. It is expected that studies funded in this RFP will illuminate potential targets based on basic causes and mechanisms for new intervention development focused on prevention in future clinical trials.

These primary goals are in support of a broader plan to bring new investigators, novel technologies, and global attention to the field of maternal, neonatal, and child health. Projects may include relevant animal models or in-vitro studies. Ultimately, we envision the establishment of collaborative networks of researchers in high-burden settings. We expect these collaborations to offer open and broad-based sharing of specimens, research approaches, protocols, and data essential to discovery studies.

If you would like to apply for funding, please review the Request for Proposal and Letter of Inquiry instructions below. When you are ready, download and complete the Letter of Inquiry form and complete Steps 1 and 2 in the "Apply Now" section. Scientists in the developing world are encouraged to apply.

Request For Proposal:

Letter of Inquiry instructions:

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