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Closing Date: April 1,2012.
The Grant Program increases the breadth and depth of the Institute's work by supporting peacebuilding projects managed by non-profit organizations including educational institutions, research institutions, and civil society organizations.

In over 20 years of grantmaking, the Grant Program's Annual Grant Competition and Priority Grant Competition have received nearly 10,000 applications and awarded more than 2,000 grants. The Institute has provided funding to grantees located in 46 U.S. states and the District of Columbia, and in more than 81 foreign countries.

The Priority Grant Competitions for Colombia and Nigeria have been phased out. USIP will no longer be giving priority grants in these countries. For projects related to conflicts in Colombia and Nigeria, we encourage applicants to submit proposals to the Annual Grant Competition.
The Priority Grant Competition:
1. Supports nonprofit organizations working in or on Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and Sudan. In addition support will be provided for projects related to communication and peacebuilding and Arab World Political Transformation.
2. Supports innovative peacebuilding projects involving research, the identification of promising models and effective practices, the development of practitioner resources and tools, the development and delivery of education, training and dialogue programs, and the production of films, radio programs and other media.

Priority Grant Competition facts:
1. Recent Priority Grant Competition Awards
2. USIP has awarded 171 priority grants since 2006.
3. The awards generally range from $45,000 to $140,000.

The Priority Grant Competition funds activities that enhance mechanisms for advancing the knowledge and practice of conflict prevention, conflict management, and postconflict peacebuilding in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Sudan, and on the themes of communication and peaebuilding and Arab World Political Transformation, according to the priority areas identified below for each program.
1. For Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and Sudan, preference is given to applications submitted by nonprofit organizations based in these countries.
2. The amount of all awards will be based on the proposed budget and work plan, and on negotiations with successful applicants.
3. The Institute gives priority to high-quality projects that are likely to generate findings that are accessible to policymakers and practitioners and that demonstrate promise of having a substantial impact. Projects that result in findings made widely available to the public through published writings, manuals, curricular materials, web sites, documentary films, etc. are more likely to be funded than those that have limited impact. 

1. American and foreign individuals and nonprofit organizations may apply. Individuals whose proposals are funded will be required to identify a nonprofit organization to receive and manage the grant monies.
2. Applicants from outside a priority country must partner with a nonprofit organization located within the priority country. The project must be based in the priority country.
3. Funding is unavailable for degree work (payment of tuition fees or support for M.A. or Ph.D.-related work). Requests for dissertation research support should be directed to USIP’s Jennings Randolph Peace Scholar Dissertation Program.
4. Applications that list as participants, consultants, or project personnel members of USIP's Board of Directors or staff will not be accepted.
5. Any application that lists USIP as a collaborator in the project will not be accepted for review.
6. Individuals who are currently working as USIP contractors may not be eligible to apply for grant support. To determine eligibility, please contact the Grant Program.
7. Current USIP grantees are not eligible for consideration until they have completed work on their grant and submitted all required reports and products. Prior work will be assessed before new proposals are considered.

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