TRavel Grants 2012 - Danida Fellowship Centre: For Master Students at Danish Higher Education Institutions in support of master thesis work relevant to Danish Development Assistance

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs hereby invites applications for travel grants in support of thesis field work of master students enrolled at a Danish higher education institution.
The applicant must be a master student enrolled at a Danish higher education institution. Students on OSVAL II studies/pre-graduate research year for medical students, and students on a 4+4 arrangement are eligible for a travel grant only if the field study is considered part of the master degree and will be used for a report equivalent to a master thesis.       

The applicant must fill in the electronic application form and attach the following documents (of maximum 4mb each) to the application:

1.  Signed approval of the project from the supervisor stating the title of the project, in which country the field study is taking place, the relevance for the thesis and finally a guarantee for the academic level of the field study project. In cases of OSVAL II/pre-graduate research year students and students on a 4+4 arrangement applying for a travel grant, the supervisor must explicitly state that the field study is considered part of the master degree and will be used for a report equivalent to a master thesis.

2.  As documentation of local attachment, a signed official approval from the local partner in the country where the field study is to be carried out. The local partner could, in the country designated for field study, for example be the Embassy of Denmark, a local office of a Danish or international NGO, a local NGO, adepartment of a university, a research institution, a private company, or a specific development project/programme. 

3.  Copies of relevant examination certificates.

The instructions given in the electronic application form must be followed. Applications, which do not include all required information and attach all the above mentioned documents to the application, will be rejected without further consideration. Missing information/documents cannot be submitted after the electronic submission of the application.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to obtain all relevant ethical approvals and other required permits before field study project activities are initiated.

The grant may cover some or all of the following expenses:
- Cheapest travel by air
- Visa, vaccination, research permit and travel insurance expenses
- Interpreting assistance
- Local transport (only individual invoices of more than DKK 200 each)
- Lodging expenses
The size of the grant will normally be between DKK 10,000 and DKK 15,000 per person.

The application must be written in English.

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