Call For Proposal 2013 - ABPP: Case Studies on Gender and Biogas

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The Africa Biogas Partnership Programme (ABPP) aims to improve living conditions of households in five African countries, through the multiple benefits of the introduction of more than seventy thousand domestic biogas digesters for cooking and lighting. ABPP and its partners, including ENERGIA who is providing gender mainstreaming support to ABPP, decided to do specific and in depth case studies into the gender and social economic aspects of biogas dissemination and adoption as well as its benefits. The outcomes of these case studies will be used for learning and improving the programme, and will be shared widely. Three topics have been selected for case studies: gender and workload, female entrepreneurship, and poverty, gender and biogas. See below for the Terms of Reference for each of the case studies.

Interested institutes or individuals are requested to send in their proposal for one or more of the research topics, with proposed methodology, timeframe and period, country selection, and budget before Monday 29 October 2012. The decision will be taken within 2 weeks after the deadline.

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