Call For Proposal 2012 - CVECF:to Support Rigorous Evaluations of Interventions Aimed at Preventing all Forms of Violence Against Children in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

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The Children and Violence Evaluation Challenge Fund is pleased to announce its 2nd call for proposals to support rigorous evaluations of interventions aimed at preventing all forms of violence against children in low- and middle-income countries.

A rigorous evaluation implies the use of recognized social research or evaluation methods that help to assess the changes that can be attributed to a specific intervention or that the intervention contributed to. To this end, the Fund is open to a wide range of evaluation methods varying from experimental and quasi-experimental methods to mixed methods and qualitative research.

The proposed evaluations shall focus on understanding the impact of a specific intervention in line with the thematic area and geographical scope of the call and their findings are expected to be used to inform policies and practices in the child protection sector, thus ultimately contributing to eradicate violence from the lives of the children.

Non-profit organizations/NGOs, universities/research institutes and, exceptionally, for-profit organizations can apply as main applicants. Governments and multilateral organizations are not eligible as main applicants, but can be identified as partners. The application must reflect a partnership between implementers and evaluators. The meaningful involvement of local researchers is strongly encouraged.

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