Call for Pre-Proposal 2013 - Greenvolved: For suggested environmental projects

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Greenvolved has issued a call for pre-proposal applications (for suggested environmental projects). Greenvolved, has developed a new and innovative way to promote global awareness for environmental projects, and through its technology – gives these projects better chances to get funded.

We are looking for non-academic environmental projects with a clear and direct benefit to its inhabitants.
A. One-Phase projects should be within a budget range of 75,000-500,000 USD
B. Projects can also be submitted as a multi-phase project. This means that each phase of the project should have a separate budget of 75,000-250,000 USD. Please see the Multi-phase projects explanation section (in the Greenvolved pre-proposal application form) which elaborates on this funding process.
We are interested in environmental projects which relate to these categories:
1. Natural Habitats
2. Wildlife
3. Natural Resources
4. Energy
5. Education
6. Pollution

Please mind that these categories are non-mutually exclusive, so a project can be related to more than one category.

There is no geographical or taxonomic focus. Any applied project with benefits to the environment will be reviewed and considered. All agendas and disciplines are eligible. We seek for projects with clear added value to nature (to state it in common words, putting scientific terms a side for that purpose). It could be related to ecosystem services, to wildlife conservation, habitat restoration, zoological, botanical and any other field as long as the positive effect of the project is stated clear.

Due to bureaucracy issues we cannot work at the moment with any governmental organization or with universities. The project can and should have a solid scientific rational but we cannot collaborate with university systems for now.

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