Request For Proposal 2013 - UNESCO: Socio-Economic and Climate Change Impact Assessment in Buntoi Village, UNESCO REDD+ Site in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia

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Closing Date: March 6,2013.

The Masterplan for Rehabilitation and Revitalisation of the Ex‐PLG area in Central Kalimantan, highlights that poverty is concentrated in specific geographical areas due to a combination of factors. These include socioeconomic challenges, the relative success of former hydrological management efforts. Poverty in Central Kalimantan province is amongst the highest in the country, reaching 36% of the population. In the area of the transmigration settlements, poverty rates rise up to 60‐70%. Poverty is not spread evenly and there is a socio‐economic dimension to poverty and illegal logging. This disparity of poverty levels among communities creates an ethnic dimension to the division between those who profit from unsustainable use of resources and those who are then left to deal with the resulting environmental consequences.

Assessment Objectives:
1.    To understand the current state of forestry and agriculture in Buntoi Village
2.    To identify the sources of family income and livelihood, including those derived from agriculture, forestry, rubber and natural resources.  Make a short list of those activities most likely to reduce poverty and increase resiliency.
3.    To determine practices those contribute to sustainable land use of forestry and agricultural areas.
4.    To determine the mechanisms put in place by the government to enable community and private participation in forest development and management.
5.    To understand the environmental issues in the project site, especially those associated with changing climatic conditions and socio-cultural dynamics in the community level.
6.    To identify potential climate-proofing practices that can potentially contribute to the sustainable livelihood of the communities.

The contractor will provide the following outputs:
1.    Household survey data entry and analysis in MS-excel worksheet
2.    FGD report summary in MS-Word and recorded documentation (voice, picture, video)
3.    Comprehensive Assessment Report including quantitative and qualitative analysis of questionnaires and FGD results Indonesian. The report content should cover all of the objectives above.
4.    Executive summary of report and MS-Powerpoint presentation in English.

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