Second Call For Proposal 2013 - CFC: for Support of Community Development

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Closing Date: April 5,2013.

The CFC (an intergovernmental financial institution) provides financing to organisations and enterprises engaged in commodity value chains. Through financial support, the CFC seeks to support implementation of innovative interventions that target new opportunities in commodity markets leading to commodity based growth, employment generation, increase in household incomes, reduction in poverty, and enhancement of food security. The intervention should be scalable, commercially viable and financially sustainable and have a measurable positive impact on the stakeholders in commodity value chains.

The calls for proposals that advance commodity development in its member countries. Financial support in the form of grants and loans ranges from US$100 thousand to US$1.5 million. Funding is targeted mainly to for-profit organizations and social enterprises for production, value chains, and marketing across a wide group of commodities (agricultural crops, tree crops, timber, bamboo and rattan, minerals, and others). 

Areas of Support:
The CFC targets its support at each link in the commodity value chain i.e. increasing production and productivity, enhancing value addition, increasing access to markets and reducing risks by financing innovative measures and actions. Specifically targeted areas are:
§  Production, productivity and quality improvements
§  Processing and value addition
§  Product differentiation
§  Diversification
§  Marketing
§  Technology transfer and up gradation
§  Introduction of measures to minimise the physical marketing and trading risks
§  Facilitation of trade finance
§  Risk Management

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