Request For Proposal 2014 - IEF: Conservation Project Grant

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Closing Date: August 16,2013.

An international workshop held in Malaysia in 2006 brought all 13 range country representatives together to conduct a threats assessment and identify limiting factors affecting population abundance in Asian elephants (Elephant Range States Meeting, 24-16 January 2006, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,IUCN/SSC). The 2006 workshop identified 5 overarching factors limiting population abundance for Asian elephants. For the 2014 grant cycle, the Foundation will only accept applications that target the 5 identified factors, these include: lack of adequate status and threats assessment; habitat fragmentation and loss; human-Asian elephant conflict; illegal killing and trade; and managing captive Asian elephants with the highest priority given to:
§ Managing captive range country Asian elephants;
§ Human-Asian elephant coexistence; and
§ Reducing habitat fragmentation and loss.

Criteria for funding:
§ Requests for funds must provide thorough information for justification and evaluation of the project and the specific request, including a detailed evaluation of background literature and design/methodology.
§ Projects must include an evaluation component.
§ Projects must begin in the year that they are applying for funding, (but not before funds are to be awarded) and contain a clearly defined beginning and end.
§ Funds will not be awarded for elements of a project that will have already occurred before awards are made.
§ Budget requests that consist primarily of salary will generally not be considered favorably.

Proposals must meet some or all of the following objectives and criteria:
§ Clearly contribute to the in situ of Asian elephants or their habitats.
§ Be grounded in sound scientific methodology, be logistically feasible, and have a high probability of success.
§ Be part of an established conservation program or be well-suited to become a long-term program.
§ Validates a new approach for long-term elephant and/or habitat conservation
§ Be action-oriented not simply data collection or survey.
§ Have multi-institutional participation and matching funds.
§ Demonstrate a spirit of cooperation with ex situ elephant facilities and other like-minded conservation institutions.
§ Principal investigators must have a reputation for completing projects, publishing results in an expeditious manner and cooperating with funding agencies in providing reports and educational materials. If awarded funding previously by the IEF, satisfactory performance on previous grant awards is essential.
§ Must meet humane standards of care when animals are involved.

§ Must be approved by the appropriate governmental body in the range country or agency at the facility or institution where the study is conducted.

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