Video Competition - UNFCCC: Youth Video Competition on Climate Change

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Closing Date: August 17, 2015.

If you are between the ages of 18 and 30 we want to hear about your inspiring actions. Think about a project or campaign you are involved in to combat climate change, an action which convinced your parents, school or college to take climate action, a lobbying of your elected members of parliament or your city leaders. Whatever is making a difference, turn it into a snappy concise 3 minute video and join the competition.

Some key questions to answer are:
§  Why did you choose to engage in this climate action?
§  What were some of the key things that took place?
§  What were some of the successes?
§  Where did these successes occur (locally, nationally or internationally)?
§  How can youth from similar countries replicate the activities that have been implemented?

The Prizes                                                                              
Each winner will receive:
§  Round trip to COP21/CMP11 in Paris, France from 30 November to 11 December 2015 (inclusive of accommodation and other expenses); and
§  Position as a youth reporter for COP21/CMP11, responsible for assisting UNFCCC Newsroom team with videos, articles and social media posts.

§  You convinced your school, employer or local/national government to take climate action;
§  You created formal/non-formal mechanisms/spaces that enable dialogue between young people and company or government representatives on climate action;
§  You contributed to government approved documents or regulations that address climate change;
§  You have shaped a government’s position at an intergovernmental meeting on climate change;
§  You have prevented new fossil fuel infrastructure;
§  You have engaged the media on climate change;

§  You have organized a successful divestment campaign.

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