Call For Proposal 2014 - WWF: Reforestation Grants

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Forest Landscape Restoration can bring back life to degraded (e.g. forest fires) or clear-cut areas (e.g. deforestation, extractive activities). When carefully planned, forest restoration activities can provide environmental services to the local community and develop new habitats in formerly bare areas. Restoration and reforestation activities also provide an excellent way to involve local stakeholders, generate income, and allow communities to connect with nature and become a vested part of a larger conservation program. Connecting corridors, creating buffer zones, improving degraded lands, restoring watersheds, and expanding forest cover are just a few ways that forest landscape restoration can have real and lasting impact for conservation. EFN, with generous funding from the UPS Foundation, has launched a special grant opportunity focused on supporting communities in regaining ecological integrity and enhancing human wellbeing in deforested or degraded forest landscapes.

Local organizations from the following WWF-US priority ecoregions are eligible to apply.
·         Mesoamerican Reef (Belize, Guatemala, Honduras)
·         Tropical Andes (Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru)
·         Coastal East Africa (Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania)
·         Madagascar
·         Eastern Himalayas (Bhutan, Nepal)
·         Greater Mekong (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam)
·         Borneo and Sumatra (Indonesia)

To be eligible for an EFN Reforestation Workshop Grant, an organization must meet the following criteria:
1.      Be a legally registered organization in a WWF-US priority ecoregion.
2.      Conduct reforestation /restoration activities in a WWF-US priority ecoregion (priority is given to local organizations conducting tree planting activities).
3.      Include an active learning, practical skill component, or field-based learning activity that builds skills and knowledge for local stakeholders as part of the project activities.
4.      Priority is given to local organizations that have not yet benefited from this opportunity.
5.      Complete all grant activities before August 31, 2014.


Applications must be submitted online by one of the two following deadlines:
1st Deadline: December 15, 2013
2nd Deadline: March 15, 2014

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