Call for Proposals: World AIDS Day/Journee Mondiale de Lutte Contre le Sida

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Closing Date: August 2, 2011
This is a call for applications for grantees to organise activities on World AIDS Day, which is marked on the 1st of December. In order for AWDF to consider your request for support in organising World AIDS Day activities, please follow the guidelines below. Please be informed that the maximum amount of grant disbursed is US$1,000. Grantees will be expected to send in a report of your activities and expected impact.
  1. Name of Organization
  2. Address (Postal and Physical)
  3. Telephone and Fax number
  4. E-mail address, and World Wide Web address (if any)
  5. Contact person’s name and title
  6. Who completed this proposal? Please sign and date
  7. How did you learn about the African Women’s Development Fund?
What are your organization’s main goals?
  1. a.    What are your organization’s main goals?
  2. b.    When was your organization formed/
  3. c.    Who started your organization and why?
  4. d.    Is your organization local, national, sub – regional, or regional?
  5. e.    Who are the main beneficiaries of your organization’s activities?
Activities and / or programs
  1. Describe your organizations present activities and /or programs
  2. How does the project you are apply for fit into those plans?
Grant Request Information
  1.  How much money are you applying for?
  2. For what purpose are you seeking a grant for World AIDS Day from the African Women’s Development Fund? Please tell us specifically how this grant will be used
  3. Provide a detailed budget for the project, if you have prepared the budget using your local currency; please include the US dollar equivalent.

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