Grant Program 2013 - YID: for Grassroots NGOs

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Closing Date: April 4,2013.

The Youth for International Development has announced youth development grants for grassroots organizations which are best positioned to reach youths and provide them with programs and services in priority areas of entrepreneurship, agribusiness, health (HIV/AIDS & underage pregnant girls), environmental innovative initiatives and capacity development.

we believe that for sustainable development to be attained, youth focused programmes need to be given most priority, our grants are more targeted for grassroots organizations.
Why grassroots?

The most vulnerable young people are often those hardest to reach, most youth organizations lack appropriate resources to make the necessary impact. We believe Youth based organizations and community-based organizations are the best positioned to reach these youths and to provide them with the programs and services they need.

Priority Areas
§  Entrepreneurship
§  Agribusiness
§  Health - HIV/AIDS & underage pregnant girls
§  Environmental - innovative initiatives.
§  Capacity Development - strengthening the capacity of youth leadership development and civil engagement.

Note: we do fund political groups or programmes with political agendas, the youth grants are only intended for investing in strategies that offer strong potential to advance innovations in programmes and initiatives that increase the social and economic development among young people.

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