USAID: R40 Maternal and Child Health Research Program (MCHR) Grant

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Closing Date For Application: September 7,2011

R40 MCHR and R40 SDAS: The Maternal and Child Health Research Program will award grants to support applied research relating to maternal and child health services, which show promise of substantial contribution to the advancement of the current knowledge pool. Findings of this research should result in health and health services improvements in States and communities. Research proposals should address critical MCH questions such as public health systems and infrastructure, health disparities, quality of care, and promoting the health of MCH populations. R40 EHR Pediatric PBRN Initiative: The purpose of this funding opportunity is to support an existing electronic health record (EHR) based pediatric practice-based research network to conduct comparative effectiveness research (CER) and epidemiologic assessments of the use of selected psychotropic medications and the most commonly prescribed asthma medications in pediatric populations, as well as possible associations between these medications and metabolic disorders in this population

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