Award 2012: Kamal Joumblatt Prize for Human Rights in the Arab World

Posted by Shofi Fida Thursday, January 12, 2012 0 comments
Closing Date: January 31,2012.
In recognition of the status of the great leader, Kamal Joumblatt, and his leading role in defending humanitarian causes in various fields, Friends of Kamal Joumblatt Association  has decided to establish “Kamal Joumblatt Prize”

It is a moral, material, and independent prize, awarded once every two years based on objective and scientific criteria.

Objectives of the Award:
-        To honor individuals and organizations that are most giving, innovative and influential in the development and human progress.
-          To keep up with the human rights movements and activities, to appraise the innovators and activists, and to motivate them to continue their achievements to accomplish promising humanitarian objectives.
-          Kamal Joumblatt Prize for  Environment, Food and Health
-          Kamal Joumblatt Prize for Human Rights in the Arab World
-          Kamal Joumblatt Prize for Intellectual Achievements
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