Call for Proposals: Agricultural Knowledge Networks, Innovation, and Behavioral Change for Climate Change Adaptation

Posted by Shofi Fida Tuesday, August 2, 2011 0 comments
Closing Date: 20 August 2011:

The CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and food Security is pleased to announce an open call for proposals for research on agricultural knowledge networks, innovation, and behavioral change for climate change adaptation. The project will be a fieldwork-based study in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh that utilizes qualitative processes (e.g., surveys at the household and/or village level, participatory mapping or diagramming exercises, etc.), in conjunction with a review of relevant secondary literature. It will feature a gender, social, and economic differentiation component, as well as a visual element, via photo and video outputs. The objective of this call is to improve farmers’ current adaptive methods and abilities, and to encourage or accelerate adaptive change, by first better understanding how and from where farmers get their information, how they make their decisions, and in what instances they choose to make adaptive changes. To read the full detailed description and application procedure, please download the full terms of reference at the link below.
To apply, please complete the online registration form and send your final proposal to Charlotte Lau at Any questions may also be directed to Charlotte.


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