Grant Program 2011: IPAF Call For Proposal

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Closing Date: August 31,2011:

The Indigenous Peoples Assistance Facility invites applications from indigenous peoples’ organizations and communities, as well as organizations that work with them, for grants to fund projects, innovative approaches and partnerships that promote the development of indigenous peoples and help them fulfil their aspirations.
Grants range from US$20,000 to US$50,000. Applicants must meet specific requirements and their proposals should respond to the needs of indigenous peoples in any of IFAD’s developing Member States.
Deadline for submitting application is 31st August 2011, at 24.00 hrs, Italian time zone.A panel made up primarily of indigenous members will work closely with IFAD staff to review proposals and make final recommendations on grant awards. The panel will review grant proposals on the basis of project relevance, feasibility and institutional capacity and make final recommendations on awards.
Activities likely to be considered for funding will build on indigenous culture, identity, knowledge, natural resources, intellectual property and human rights. Projects should improve indigenous peoples’ access to decision-making processes, empower indigenous peoples to find solutions to the challenges they face and promote collaboration in the public and private sectors.
Over the years IFAD has learned that entrusting direct management of resources and funds to indigenous communities and their institutions is an effective way to build capacity, self-determined development and ownership of programmes and projects.
2011 IPAF will be implemented with the support of indigenous peoples’ organizations in Africa, Asia and Latin America and the Caribbean.  The three organizations who will implement the IPAF at regional level are the following: MADRE, INC. and International Indigenous Women’s Forum, IIWF/FIMI (Latin America and the Caribbean), Mainyoito Pastoralist Integrated Development Organization, MPIDO (Africa), Tebtebba Foundation (Asia)
To apply for a grant, read the call for proposals, the guideline for completing the application form and complete the application form.
Kindly submit your proposal online to:

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