Grant Program 2012: Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program

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Closing Date: December 15,2011:

The Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program supports projects to recruit and educate the next generation of librarians, faculty, and library leaders; to conduct research on the library profession; and to support early career research. It also assists in the professional development of librarians and library staff. All members of the library community are invited to play an active role in ensuring that the profession is prepared to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Matching (Cost Sharing) Requirement: You are responsible for providing a cost share equal to at least the amount of funds that we provide to you (at least a 1:1 match of all non–student support funds). You may do this directly or through contributions from your project partners and others, by providing funds or in-kind services. Unless you are requesting Research, Collaborative Planning, or National Forum funds, you are REQUIRED to provide cost sharing of at least one half of the total cost of the project, excluding funds for student support. For the purposes of cost sharing, student support means any type of assistance provided directly to students (including stipends, tuition remission, and travel), and it applies to continuing education students, as well as those enrolled in degree programs. All listed expenses, including all cost sharing, must be incurred during the grant period. IMLS (45 C.F.R. Chapter XI) and government-wide uniform administrative, cost, and audit rules and requirements apply, including appropriate Office of Management and Budget (OMB) circulars and regulations. Federal funds may not be used to meet cost-sharing requirements.
  • We do not require a match for Research or Collaborative Planning proposals. However, we will consider cost-sharing contributions as a competitive factor when evaluating research proposals (see Evaluation Criteria).
  • Cost sharing is not required for funds to be provided to students in the form of scholarships, fellowships, tuition, wages, or other stipends, provided that payments are reasonable compensation for the work performed and are conditioned explicitly on the performance of the work, and that it is your institution’s practice to similarly compensate students in non-sponsored as well as sponsored activities. Charges for tuition remission and other forms of compensation paid to students as, or in lieu of, salaries and wages shall be subject to reporting requirements. Cost sharing also is not required for student materials such as books, laptops, or other equipment, or for student travel associated with research or dissemination of project activities or results.
  • We encourage applicants to contribute as cost sharing the salaries of any permanent staff to be employed on a project in proportion to the amount of time they will spend on the project. If IMLS funding is requested for salaries of permanent staff, your proposal should explain how their regular duties will be performed during the grant period.
Proposals that demonstrate strong institutional support through cost sharing are generally rated more favorably by reviewers.

Grant Amount: $50,000–$1,000,000
Grant Period: Up to three years, except for doctoral program projects, which may be up to four years
Matching Requirement: See below.
Program Contact: Kevin Cherry, MSLS, PhD, Senior Library Program Officer

Mary Alice Ball, Senior Library Program Officer

Traci Rucker, Library Program Specialist
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