Call For Nominations: The 2012 Martin Ennals Award For Human Rights Defenders

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The goal of the Martin Ennals Award for Human Rights Defenders is to extend recognition and protective publicity to those who are currently involved in front line work for the promotion and protection of human rights. The Award aims to encourage individuals and - exceptionally - organisations who are currently working for the rights of others in conditions hostile to fundamental human rights and who are in need of protection. Deadline for nominations: December 9, 2011.
Special account is taken of those who have demonstrated an active record of combating human rights violations by courageous and innovative means.
The selection of the winning candidates is made by the Jury of the Martin Ennals Foundation. The announcement of the nominees is made around mid March and that of the laureates is made in early May. The proceedings of the Jury of the MEA are confidential and no correspondence about the selection procedure will be accepted.
Anybody can nominate any individual or organisation by filling out the appropriate form. Neither individuals nor organisations may nominate themselves or act as referee for themselves. Three referees are needed for a valid nomination and these persons must have agreed to act as such. 
Definition of ‘Human Rights Defenders’: “For the purpose of selecting candidates for the Martin Ennals Award for Human Rights Defenders, the Jury consider an eligible human rights defender (HRD) to be one who risks or suffers victimisation, harassment or disadvantage for exercising the rights expressed in the International Bill of Rights, and who, in conformity with these instruments, promotes and protects the human rights and fundamental freedoms of others, individually or in groups.”
No posthumous award is given (except when a candidate has already passed the first round).
The candidate should not use or advocate violence.
The nominations form asks for basic personal information on the candidate. Additional information (such as a CV) can be sent as a separate document to In this regard, other support material (such as press clippings, audio or video files) will be appreciated and should be sent as attachments or links to the above email address. Any hard copy documentation sent to the Secretariat (Martin Ennals Foundation, c/o OMCT, P.O. Box 21, 1211 Geneva 8, Switzerland) should be copies as none will be returned.
The MEF and the NGOs on the Jury may request further information and documentation concerning candidates.

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