DUBAI International Award 2012: For Best Practices to Improve the Living Environment

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Closing Date: March 30,2012:

The Dubai International Award for Best Practices to Improve the Living Environment is pleased to invite submissions for its 9th Cycle. The Award recognizes outstanding contributions that

• have a demonstrable and tangible impact on improving people’s quality of life,
• are the result of effective partnerships between the public, private and civic sectors of society,
• are socially, culturally, economically and environmentally sustainable.


The total amount of the award is USD 240,000 divided among six Best Practices and two Best Practices Transfers. Each of these winners will also receive a trophy and a certificate.

Starting in 2012, two Private Sector entities and one Individual will be awarded with a trophy and a certificate


The Award is open to:
a. Government organizations or agencies; including bilateral aid agencies e.g. DFID, SIDA, USAID etc.
b. National Habitat committees or Focal Points;
c. Multilateral Agencies (United Nations Agencies, World Bank, etc.)
d. Cities, local authorities or their associations;
e. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs);
f. Community-based organizations (CBOs);
g. Private Sector;
h. Research and academic institutions;
i. Media;
j. Public or Private foundations;
k. Individuals are eligible for the Dubai International Award provided that they are submitting a specific initiative or project that meets the Best Practice criteria. 

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