Swiss Government Scholarship Programme Academic Year 2012/13 For Indonesian Citizen

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The Swiss Government through the Federal Commission for Scholarships for Foreign Students (FCS) grants a limited number of scholarships to developing countries, among which Indonesia is included. These scholarships are offered to Indonesian POSTGRADUATE students wishing to undertake research or study in a master programme at a Swiss university or Federal Institute of Technology as mentioned on page 5. Priority will be given to research fellowships.
Following programmes are not included in this scholarship:
1. Fine arts and music
2. Undergraduate studies
3. Hotel management studies
4. Student exchange programmes
5. Part-time studies
6. On-the-job studies
7. Correspondence courses
The duration of grant is basically for the nine-month academic year (always from September to June. It is not possible to start the scholarship in the Spring semester or any other time in the year). It can be extended up to 12 months. The extension request will be analyzed according to the FCS criteria.

1. Indonesian citizen
2. University degree (min. Sarjana Strata-1/bachelor degree )
3. Candidates must be under 35 years old when applying (birth date after December 31,1976)
4. Sufficient knowledge of the teaching languages of the intended programme (German/French/Italian and/or English). Applicants for master programmes must have international recognized language certificates.
5. Applicants for research fellowship must have a confirmation letter from a professor at the intended university.
6. For research fellowships: applicants must have a clear research proposal For master programmes: applicants must have motivation explaining the study intentions and the importance for the future career. Additionally the applicants must apply for the chosen master programme while applying for the Swiss Government Scholarship.
Please note that an applicant with the following conditions cannot be taken into consideration:

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