USAID Indonesia - Request For Application 2012: CEPAT (Community Empowerment of People Against Tuberculosis)

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Closing Date: January 27,2012.

The USAID/Indonesia Mission has designed a new, bilateral project called CEPAT (Community Empowerment of People Against Tuberculosis). The five-year project will be carried out through cooperative agreements awarded to up to three Indonesian nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). The total funding of all three awards is not to exceed $12.0 million over the life of project. The principal objective of CEPAT is to support the Indonesian National Tuberculosis Program (NTP) in “achieving universal access to quality and early tuberculosis (TB) diagnosis and treatment through community empowerment.”

To do this, the project uses two components:
1. Mobilize communities to support improved TB care. Improved TB care includes: better access to and quality of TB services, increased community knowledge of TB, improved health seeking behavior, and increased support to patients on treatment.
2. Advocate for increased TB resources and improved TB services. Advocacy will support the efforts of the NTP and demand resources and improved services for TB patients and families.
All awards resulting from this solicitation are expected to implement both components. Also in support of CEPAT, USAID will build the capacity of the Indonesian NGOs selected to carry out the project. The goal of the capacity building is to strengthen the NGO so that it can better contribute to the NTP’s strategic plan and CEPAT. Capacity building will be provided by USAID based on each NGO’s needs and will be funded by USAID directly outside of the CEPAT agreements.

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