Call For Proposal 2012 - Commonwealth Foundation

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Closing Date: January 13,2012.
Through enhancing skills and knowledge, and institutional and personal capacity development the Commonwealth Foundation Civil Society Programme supports activities that build and entrench participatory and democratic principles across the Commonwealth.
Built upon an understanding of participation being synonymous with a ‘good society’, the programme is currently working to review, disseminate and increase the impact of its civic education work.
The programme is inviting applications from civic and adult education and/or ICT organisations in the Commonwealth to undertake two pieces of interconnected work; firstly, update the programmes current civic education guide and secondly, to convert the end product into an e-learning course. The guide is written primarily for facilitators, trainers or community leaders in the field of citizenship and governance education. Employing a participatory and interactive learning methodology it acts as a guide to promote discussion and learning through a variety of activities which can be adapted to a trainer's audience.
Applications can be made to undertake either the guide revision, the e-learning course development or for both. To be eligible, applicants must be registered and operate in a Commonwealth member state. Applicants should have extensive knowledge of civic education for adults and/or extensive knowledge of e-learning course development for adult audiences.
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