ACR Annual Conference - Call For Proposal 2012

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Closing Date: January 31,2012.

The field of conflict resolution is faced with more challenges and opportunities than ever before. The news these days seems grim with reports of conflict and divisions across all areas of society. Headlines about conflict run daily and the divisions in our society continue to grow, exacerbated by the global economic downturn. Yet, we are also more connected via social media and more interdependent than ever before because of our global economy. The news however, is also good, because our field is full of groups and individuals around the world who are helping people address their differences and nurture connections while dealing with difficult issues.

The conference theme – Creating Connections: Conflict Resolution in Deeply Divided Times – serves to spotlight how we as a field are successfully addressing the multitude of divisions that exist in these tough times: in families, workplaces, communities, and globally. We invite proposals on how your work addresses conflicts that arise from differences in values, economics, race, ethnicity, religion, politics, sexual orientation, class, age, and other factors. We ask you to share what you and your colleagues are doing to bridge differences between individuals and within communities and present the outcomes of those efforts.

We challenge you to think creatively. Consider how a session you would propose might advance the thinking in one or more areas described:

* Share ideas and best practices which bridge divisions in your area of work. What approaches work well in your practice? What new insights do you have that would suggest a different action or direction? What best practices can be identified? How have you effectively handled conflict in deeply divided communities?

* Highlight innovations in creating connections in your area of work. What innovative practices are you employing? How do you effectively utilize current media and technologies in conflict engagement and resolution? What new collaborations to bridge differences are emerging in your area of work?

* Consider research areas that benefit the field. What are connections between theory and practice? What research findings and lessons for practitioners have benefited your work? How can researchers and practitioners work together to address divisions as well as advance the field?

* Explore similarities and possibilities for interaction across practice areas. What work illuminates the common ground or alliances among different practice area sections of ACR? What information or methods can be shared to assist practitioners working in different contexts? How have you diversified your area of work to remain viable in uncertain economic times?

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