OPEN Call For Proposal 2012 - African Union Research Grants

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Closing Date: April 20,2012.

The African Union Commission is seeking proposals for research focusing on the following thematic priorities articulated in Africa’s Science and Technology Consolidated Plan of Action (CPA) and its Lighthouse Projects: (a) Post-harvest and Agriculture, (b) Renewable and Sustainable Energy, and (c) Water and Sanitation in Africa. The programme is financed through the Financing Agreement between the European Commission and the ACP Group of States under the ACP Research for Sustainable Development Program of the 10th EDF Intra-ACP Envelop.

The Second Call for Research Projects and Proposals will be limited to the following science and technology strategic priority actions:
* Post-harvest and Agriculture
Research projects may address the following issues:
o Food security and productivity
o Crop-livestock integration
o Fisheries and aquatic management
o Agricultural policy and commercialization, marketing of agricultural produce
* Renewable and sustainable energy
Research projects may address the following issues:
o Sustainable energy at a local and regional level
o Renewable energy use and its impact on the environment
o Innovative approach to Renewable and sustainable energy
o Measures for making sustainable energy more widespread
* Water and sanitation
o Water for livelihood
o Water for agriculture
o Social and economic dimensions of water resources management

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