Call For Proposal 2012 - Cities Alliance: For The Catalytic Fund

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Closing Date: April 20,2012.
The Cities Alliance Secretariat is issuing a thematic Call for Proposals for funding under its Catalytic Fund dedicated to the theme "Youth and the City: Challenges of and Visions for Demographic Change". Through this thematic call the CA underscores its commitment towards those that constitute the future of a city. See also Catalytic Fund Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).
The thematic call has three main objectives in line with the ‘catalytic’ nature of the Fund:
  • To raise awareness of the role of youth in urban development at a time when cities, grappling with an historic urbanisation process, appear ill-prepared to provide improved governance, meaningful representation, or economic and social roles for their youthful populations.
  • To select and support, both technically and financially, innovative youth-focused urban projects and to revisit traditional Cities Alliance areas such as city development strategies, slum upgrading and national policies on urban development with an emphasis on youth.
  • To provide a flexible platform for successful projects to develop peer-to-peer learning networks and to systematically extract and share knowledge that both informs and influences urban practices as well as policy dialogues at the local, national and global level.
Examples of possible projects for submission to the Cities Alliance Catalytic Fund include but are not limited to:
  • The integration of a youth perspective into participatory urban planning methodologies and slum upgrading;
  • Projects streamlining the role of youth to address urban challenges such as local economic development, climate change adaptation, and basic services; and
  • Projects with an urban focus involving youth organisations and/or with a strong youth component.
Please note the following eligibility requirements: 
  • The proposed project must meet the objectives of the Call and the Catalytic Fund, and fall within the scope of the Cities Alliance Charter.
  • The proposed project must be implemented in countries that are on the OECD DAC List of Aid Recipients.
  • Grant size requests must be limited to between US $50,000 – US $250,000.
  • At least one Cities Alliance Member must sponsor the proposed project. Multiple sponsors are strongly encouraged. The sponsor(s) should be contacted prior to submission of the proposed project. Proponent and sponsor(s) should also have discussed and endorsed the Concept Note of the proposed project including the role of the sponsor(s) prior to submission.
  • The national government must have no-objection to the proposed project.

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