Funding Opportunity 2012 - for NGO programs benefiting refugees in Djibouti, Ethiopia, and Kenya

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Closing Date: April 26,2012.

Duration of Activity: Program plans from 12 to 36 months will be considered. Applicants may submit multi-year proposals with activities and budgets that do not exceed 36 months from the proposed start date. Actual awards will not exceed 12 months in duration. See guidance below.
Multi-year proposals selected for funding by PRM will be funded in 12-month increments and must include results-based indictors within the first 12 months. Fully developed programs with detailed budgets, objectives and clear, measurable results-based indicators are required for all years of activities. Agreements may be renewable for up to two additional 12-month periods contingent upon available funding, strong performance, and continuing need.Continued funding after the initial 12-month award requires the submission of a noncompeting continuation application as detailed in the “Noncompeting Application Requirements” section and will be contingent upon available funding, strong performance, and continuing need. Please see the “Proposal Content, Formatting, and Templates” section for additional guidance.
The following are examples that are appropriate and encouraged for the second and third 12-month program cycles:
· Plans to conduct a process evaluation to determine whether program design during the initial 12 months was effective;
· Activities that build on foundations developed during the initial 12-month phase (e.g. job placement activities in year two to build on vocational skills programs conducted in year one);
· Activities that create a transition out of ongoing assistance (e.g., capacity-building for communities and/or Ministries to take responsibility of programs).

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