Grant Program 2012 - SSRC: for Collaborative Research on Environment and Health in China

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Closing Date: August 28,2012.

The collaborative grants program was started in 2008 to stimulate new research on environment and health in China that is directly linked to policy and practice, to encourage collaboration across disciplines, and to help develop a network of scholars working in this field.
Each year 7-8 grants of $10-15,000 are given to Chinese institutes for projects that:   
  • integrate environment or health perspectives into research currently focused on a single domain by sharing existing data or conducting limited additional data collection
  • develop a new focus on environment and health within the context of ongoing research on development
  • broaden the scope of analysis through collaboration with partners who bring additional disciplinary perspectives or international experience; or
  • work with NGO or government partners to make existing research more accessible and useful.
Each project must address an environmental health problem that affects a substantial number of people and it must be clearly useful in generating or disseminating knowledge that will inform policy or the work of government or civil society actors.  In order to ensure feasibility, applicants must demonstrate the necessary access to data, or relationships with local communities or government agencies, to conduct the project successfully. If the project is being carried out at the local level, researchers must either live and work in the same province, or otherwise demonstrate how the project will build local capacity to work on environment and health issues.
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