Grant Program 2012/2012 - Convention on Migratory Species

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The Small Grants Programme (SGP) of the Convention has played a crucial role in conserving animals on the move through projects in more than 30 countries since its inception in 1994 by the Fourth Conference of the Parties. The overall goal of the programme is to strengthen the implementation of the Convention and to act as a catalyst for further action.

The CMS Small Grants Programme funds activities in countries that have ratified the Convention and are not more than three years in arrears with their contributions. Those CMS Parties that are currently more than three years in arrears will be eligible for the programme if they transfer the outstanding funds by 31 May 2012.

Governmental institutions, non-governmental organizations, communities, conservationists and researchers engaged in the conservation of migratory species may submit proposals. Projects should contribute to the implementation of the Convention and focus on migratory species. Project duration should not exceed two years and applications must be endorsed by the national CMS Focal Point(s) of those eligible countries where activities are taking place as part of the project. The implementing agency must have a bank account that can receive international payments.

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