Grant Fund 2012 - GDN`s: Global Research Capacity Building Program

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Closing Date: May 21,2012.

The second phase of GDN’s Global Research Capacity Building Program™ is the annual Global Research Competition (GRC) in which the best performing researchers from the Regional Research Competitions are invited to team up with peers from around the world to collaborate on a common research project. The scope of GRC is inter-regional and multidisciplinary, both in terms of analytic scope and team composition. The GRC is being piloted in 2012, followed by a full launch in 2013.

Applications for GRC grants are invited from inter-regional and multidisciplinary teams of up to four early-career researchers (one applicant plus one or more co-applicants). GDN leverages the latest technologies to support the inter-regional and multidisciplinary team formation. For the current pilot year, research teams must be multidisciplinary and cross-country, but not necessarily inter-regional.

Research Themes:
Each year, the competition will focus on diverse research themes which originate from the policy research priority areas defined by GDN’s Global Research Agenda. The nature of the research themes will be such that they encourage collaboration amongst researchers from various disciplines and are of relevance to more than one region.

Themes for the GRC 2012 pilot are:

(1) Education and Gender
(2) Food Security
(3) Political, Economic and Social Transformations

The GRC grant performance period is for 18 months (awarded Up to US$32,000). The value of individual awards varies according to various aspects of the research projects such as team size and composition, scope of the research project, amongst others.  

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