Grant Fund - Save Our Species: The Second SOS Call for Proposals for Threatened Species Grants

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Closing Date: June 22,2012.

There are sizeable and sound investments for species conservation already underway but even so, the number of species currently receiving sufficient conservation attention and funding to bring them back from the brink of extinction is minimal. SOS fills a vital gap for grants that can be applied specifically to saving threatened species and their habitats.
SOS provides two types of grants:
§  Threatened Species Grants (25,000 to 800,000 $US) for which calls with specific Strategic Directionsare issued on a regular basis. Average project size is expected to be 100,000 $US. Projects above 200,000 $US will be awarded on an exceptional basis.
§  Rapid Action Grants (up to 25,000 $US) available on an ongoing basis and supporting conservationactions in case of emergency situations. These grants will be awarded to support a special class of projects aimed at addressing immediate threats that require targeted specific action, with high chance of generating rapid positive results.
Given that more than 19,000 species are currently known to be threatened, it will be impossible to support all of them. SOS sets priorities for funding and revises the Strategic Directions for its calls for proposals on a regular basis.

Focus of The Second Call For Proposals:
Applications for Threatened Species Grants will be accepted for the following Strategic Directions:
§  Threatened tropical terrestrial Asian vertebrates
§  Threatened small marine mammals
§  Threatened cycads
§  Threatened freshwater African animals
 Please note that restrictions on eligible species and countries within these Strategic Directions will apply and will be further described in the Detailed Instructions for Applicants that will be provided once the call is open.

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