Grant Program 2012 - TOYOTA: The Toyota Environmental Activities Grant Program

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Closing Date: June 18,2012.

The Toyota Environmental Activities Grant Program FY2012 now accepts Applications, The grant themes are " Biodiversity Conservation " and " Global Warming Countermeasures " that are serious and urgent issues for conserving the earth environment.

Applications for following two categories of grants are accepted same as last year. One is for overseas project grant, targeting the activities in overseas, conducted by groups based in Japan or foreign groups collaborate with Japanese groups. The other is domestic project grant, targeting community-based activities in Japan.

The Toyota Environmental Activities Grant Program was inaugurated in 2000, commemorating TOYOTA's receipt of the prestigious Global 500 Award, to further demonstrate TOYOTA's responsibility for the environment and sustainable development. Since then, as part of its corporate philanthropic activities, TOYOTA has been conducting the Grant Program to support environmental activities implemented by NPOs and other non-profit private groups.

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