Development Grant Program 2012 - USAID: Grant For NGOs and Grassroots Projects

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Closing Date: July 2,2012.

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) established the Development Grants Program (DGP) as a small grants program to increase the number and quality of NGO (both local and U.S.-based) implementing partners who can meet the needs of the communities they serve and contribute to the accomplishment of the Agency’s goals and objectives. The DGP is closely aligned with Agency Initiatives to strengthen and sustain civil society by strengthening capacities of LNGOs and US PVOs to address today’s pressing development challenges. The objectives of the DGP as presented in this Request for Applications are:

1. Broadened participation in USAID programs of LNGOs (especially key local Intermediary Organizations with potential to generate systemic and scalable high impact development) and US PVOs with experience and expertise relevant to priority USAID and partner country development objectives;

2. Expanded numbers of LNGOs and US PVOs with planning, management and service delivery systems adequate to implement USAID-funded activities, and adequate organizational capacity to sustain development activities beyond USAID and DGP support; and,

3. Measurable contributions by LNGOs and US PVOs to the achievement of the development objectives for participating USAID Missions’ country programs, in particular as they pertain to Agency priorities and initiatives. USAID strongly encourages cost sharing with non-USG partners, and where appropriate and feasible, the creation of local alliances (See Section IIIB), particularly variations of public, private and civil society partnerships. An "alliance," in this sense, is a formal agreement between two or more parties created to jointly define and address a development problem. Alliance partners combine resources, risks and rewards in pursuit of common objectives. Alliance partners make financial and/or in-kind contributions to increase the impact and sustainability of development efforts. Both US PVOs and LNGOs are strongly encouraged to consider alliances with private partners and foundations as a means of leveraging the DGP program funding for greater impact and sustainability. For more information about USAID and alliance building, please see:

Source and More Information:;jsessionid=GG2yPNtJrRl4f1BKdMsvnLQ0wG6tpv22h4h2G5L8GjVRjB1NcMGg!1995549337?oppId=173913&mode=VIEW


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