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Southeast Asia Initiative:
The Southeast Initiative makes grants to organizations that promote human rights, independent media, and civil society development in Cambodia, East Timor/Timor Leste, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam as well as regional projects in Southeast Asia.  If you seek funding for Indonesia-specific projects, please visit the Yayasan TIFA website.
The following are the Southeast Asia Initiative's current grant making priorities:
§ Access to Justice;
   § Independent Media Development and Access to Information;
§ Civil Society Participation in Good Governance.

Burma Project:
The Burma Project, established by the Open Society Foundations in 1994, is dedicated to increasing international awareness of conditions in Burma and helping the country make the transition from a closed to an open society. To this end, the Burma Project prioritizes projects targeting marginalized communities including ethnic minorities, women and youth.
The following are the Burma Project's current grant making priorities:
§ Advocacy efforts that promote change in Burma;
§ Documentation of rights abuses that complement advocacy efforts;
§ Community empowerment and skills training that aim to strengthen civil society inside Burma and along its borders;
§ Support for media and information dissemination to people inside Burma, the diaspora, and the international community.

Ineligibility Criteria:
Ineligible projects include support for the following: governments or political parties, agriculture or rural development projects, social welfare projects (including schools, orphanages, and basic service provision) construction costs, microfinance loans, film production, individual education or research costs.  The Burma Project/Southeast Asia Initiative also does not support cultural or environmental projects, unless directly connected to the protection and promotion of civil and political rights.
Students from Burma, Cambodia and Laos seeking individual scholarships should contact the Open Society Scholarship Programs.  Other Open Society programs that support individuals include the Open Society Fellowship Program and the Documentary Photography Project.

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