Call For Applications - AUSAID: AusAID Development Research Awards Scheme (ADRAS) Funding Round 2012

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Closing Date: September 21,2012.

The AusAID Development Research Awards Scheme (ADRAS) Funding Round 2012 is now open for the submission of applications. The ADRAS is a key component of the AusAID Research Strategy 2012-2016, the purpose of which is to improve the quality and effectiveness of Australian aid in developing countries. AusAID promotes fairness, transparency and value for money from our research investment including through the use of competitive mechanisms to fund research.

The ADRAS is designed to attract high quality, innovative research that informs policy development.   
The 2012 funding round will allocate funding for research in the following priority theme areas:
·         Africa
·         Disability-inclusive Development 
·         Education
·         Gender
·         Health
·         Mining for Development
·         Scholarships
·         Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

This round is open for proposals submitted by Australian and international research organisations and institutions. The funding round will accept proposals of up to three years in duration except under the Africa theme which will be up to two years duration.
Successful projects are eligible to receive funding between AUD200,000 and AUD400,000 per year.
Applications for AusAID to be an industry partner under the Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage project scheme will also be considered under the ADRAS.

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