Grant Program 2012 - BES: To support excellent ecological science in Africa

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Closing Date: September 17,2012.

This grant provides support for ecologists in Africa to carry out innovative ecological research.  The BES recognises that ecologists in Africa face unique challenges in carrying out ecological research and this grant is designed to provide them with support to develop their skills, experience and knowledge base as well as making connections with ecologists in the developed world.

Eligibility and Conditions:
Applicants must:
§  be a scientist and a citizen of a country in Africa or its associated islands
§  have at least an MSc or equivalent degree
§  be working for a university or research institution in Africa (including field centres, NGOs, museums etc.) that provides basic research facilities
§  carry out the research in a country in Africa or its associated islands

The proposed work must be completed within 18 months. The grant can be used to pay for basic tools needed to conduct the research project, travel and in some cases part of the applicant's salary. It cannot be used for tuition fees.
This grant cannot be used to support research degrees, however, researchers who have already been registered at a research institute or university for at least six months by the application deadline for the grant, can apply for funding for research that goes towards a degree. Applicants in these circumstances need to indicate that they have already gone some way in starting their research and that the money will not go towards course fees or personal salary.
Some funding may be provided to cover applicant's expenses during research where it is shown that they will not be able to afford the time off from other paid employment. In these cases, applicants must state if the research work will be possible without BES funding to cover this lost income.
The BES will not award more than one grant to any one applicant. Failure to submit a satisfactory report at the end of a grant will mean the grantee is ineligible to apply for further grants.

Value of Grant:
The maximum value of a grant is £8,000 for research.  An additional sum up to £2,000 may be requested to fund travel to help grantees develop connections with other ecologists outside their usual peer group.
Travel funds are available for the applicant to spend time working with ecologists in developed countries where facilities and experience will help the grantee on return to their own institution.
Successful applicants also receive two years of free BES membership and free online access to the Society’s journals.

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