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Throughout Africa, there is amazing progress by civil society focused on ending extreme poverty and preventable disease. These new ideas and exciting approaches are designed and implemented by Africans who understand the complexities of bringing about change and transforming lives in their communities.

The ONE Africa Award celebrates these innovations and progress towards achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the world's blueprint to a better future, ranging from halving extreme poverty to halting the spread of HIV/AIDS and providing universal primary education.

We're now proud to launch the call for applications and nominations for the 2012 ONE Africa Award.

Award Criteria:
The 2012 ONE AFRICA Award will award best practice by an African organization or individual addressing social development issues through innovative advocacy in promotion of MDG attainment.

Nominated individuals/organizations will be graded in 5 categories and will be awarded between 1-10 points in each of these categories:

1. Extent to which the individual/organization has designed and implemented an innovative advocacy program that employs new approaches to impact in a given sector(s).

2. Ability to demonstrate and communicate specific indicators of progress and impact linking work to a given sector(s) in a clear results framework;

3. Demonstration of the ability to replicate efforts of the individual/organization to take intervention to scale;

4. Demonstration of strong accountability mechanisms i.e. community leadership consultations/involvement in programs, transparency of operations.

5. Extent to which the individual/organization has employed creative partnerships to achieve its goal and ensure coordination with other development actors. These partnerships may include public and/or private sector players.

The eligible organizations must be founded by Africans and be based in Africa. Evidence of success in previous projects as well as funding support for previous project activities must also be included.

ONE will informally review the award winner's project activities and progress a year following the receipt of the award.

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