Impact Awards 2013 - STARS Foundation`s: $100,000 of unrestricted funding

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The STARS Impact Awards support local organisations that already have excellent results in providing help to disadvantaged children. The organisation must be well run and effectively managed. Applicants are measured against eight criteria, There are 16 Awards in total that will be split across two regions – Africa-Middle East and Asia-Pacific – and across the following categories: Health, Education, Protection, and our new category Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH).

The main Impact Award will be given to four winners per region (one each in Health, Education, Protection and WASH). This bespoke package will consist of:
§  $100,000 of unrestricted funding
§  A bespoke package of consultancy and PR support
§  Media training
§  A portfolio of high quality photos
§  A film that showcases their work
§  A week in London for a representative to receive the Award and meet potential partners

Each organisation will also benefit from the opportunity to work together with STARS for up to one year to promote their plans to other donors and seek to raise additional funding.
An applicant organisation is eligible to apply for the 2013 Awards if it answers YES to all of the following questions.

If your organisation answers NO to any of the following questions, please do not submit an application.
1)      Is your organisation a locally registered non-profit-making organisation – a charity, non-governmental organisation, voluntary organisation or similar?
2)      Does your organisation work directly or indirectly with children in one or more of the areas of Health, Education, Protection or WASH (Water, Sanitation and Health)?
3)      Is your organisation legally established and registered in one of these countries?
4)      Does your organisation have its own annual independently audited annual accounts?
5)      Does your organisation have an annual income in its most recent set of independently audited annual accounts of more than US$100,000 but less than US$4,000,000 (or equivalent in local currency)?
6)      Does your organisation have its own constitution?
7)      Does your organisation have its own bank account?
8)      Does your organisation have its own Board of Trustees/Directors?
9)      Does your organisation have independent decision-making power and complete autonomy over how it spends its money?

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