Request For Application 2013 - USDA: Rural Youth Development Grant Program

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Closing Date: July 15,2013.

Rural youth encounter economic and physical barriers that prevent them from receiving adequate care, services, or resources necessary for healthy development. The Rural Youth Development Grants Program is intended to breakdown barriers to participation, especially for rural youth; enhance opportunities for youth involvement in policy and decision-making; create safe and inviting environments for youth activities; and improve access to information and technology. The overall goal of the program is to provide opportunities for rural youth to improve their own lives and the communities in which they live. 

There is no commitment by USDA to fund any particular application or to make a specific number of awards. Approximately $645,000 is available to support up to four grants under the Rural Youth Development (RYD) grants program in FY 2013. Awards will be made on a competitive basis as a result of merit review and recommendations of a peer review panel.

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