Request For Application 2014 - HHS: Award Program for HIV/AIDS Research

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Closing Date: November 7, 2013.

This award is designed to support individual scientists of exceptional creativity who propose cutting edge – and possibly transformative – approaches to major challenges in biomedical and behavioral research on HIV/AIDS that are relevant to drug abuse. The term “avant-garde” is used to describe highly innovative approaches and ideas that have the potential to be transformative. In keeping with the priorities described in the FY14 Trans-NIH Research Budget Justification, the NIDA Avant-Garde award supports innovative, basic research that may lead to improved preventive interventions or therapies; creative, new strategies to prevent disease transmission; novel approaches to improve disease outcomes, and creative approaches to eradicating HIV or improving the lives of those living with HIV. The award is intended to support high-impact research that will open new areas of HIV/AIDS research and/or lead to new avenues for treatment and prevention of HIV/AIDS among drug abusers. Examples of studies of relevance to drug abuse include: studies using populations with significant numbers of drug users or samples from drug using populations; studies using in vitro systems and/or animal models that test the effects of drugs of abuse on HIV pathogenesis, progression, or treatment; and studies to develop interventions or treatments that are tailored to substance using populations. Proposed research should reflect ideas and approaches that are substantially different from those already being studied by the investigator or others. 

This announcement defines biomedical and behavioral research broadly—the emphasis is on creativity and potential impact rather than a particular discipline or research area. The award is meant to support individuals who intend to pursue research directions that are not readily supported by other NIH grant mechanisms. The program is not intended simply to expand the funding of an already supported research project, but rather to support highly creative researchers to pursue visionary concepts and approaches to research on HIV/AIDS.

Funds Available and Anticipated Number of Awards:
NIDA intends to commit $2M in FY 2014 to fund 2-3 awards.

Award Budget:
Application budgets are limited to $500,000 in direct costs per year.

Award Project Period:

5 Years

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