Award Program 2014 - IDB: Prize for Women’s Contribution to Development

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Closing Date: September 30,2013.

The Islamic Development Bank established the IDB Prize for Women's Contribution to Development in 2006 to draw international attention to the vital role women play in developing their communities and the world.

The Prize aims to RECOGNIZE, ENCOURAGE, INSPIRE and REWARD women’s participation in the socio-economic development process. It aims to:
a. Recognize
§                - the important role of women in IDB member countries and Muslim communities globally
§                - contributions made by individuals or organizations to improve the socio-economic status of women in             IDB    member countries and Muslim communities in non-member countries
b. Encourage
§                - efforts to improve women’s access to opportunities and resources to help them become active                      participants in developing their economy and society
§               - individuals and organizations that offer grants and resources to support the socio- economic development      of women in their societies
c. Inspire
§                - women by promoting exemplary role models
§                -  individuals and organizations to initiate and actively engage in all projects aiming at developing women             and building their capacities
d. Reward
§             - individuals and organizations that are committed to improving the well-being and status of women locally,       nationally, and globally
        - actions that reinforce and strengthen the role of women as essential contributors to society as well as             effective agents of change and development

Theme and Topics:
In order to highlight various issues shaping our world and their specific effects on women, the theme of the Prize varies each year and is further specified into topics for the individual and organization categories. The Theme for the 1435H/2014G Prize is “Women’s Contribution to Food Security.”

The Prize consists of two cash awards;
a) U.S. $ 50,000 for a woman or a group of women
b) U.S. $ 100,000 for an organization
The Prize is awarded during the Annual Meeting of the IDB Board of Governors.


The general criteria applied in selecting and assessing nominations for the Prize for both individuals and organizations.

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