Grant Fund 2014 - Nando Peretti Foundation: Grant For Nature Conservations

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Closing Date: October 31,2013.

The Nando Peretti Foundation accepts preliminary project proposals that are submitted after filling out the forms that you find on this page. Pre-proposals may be prepared in English or Italian. The applicants must be aware of the fact that the Foundation can only support organizations and / or associations that are non-profit and in good standing with official credentials, institutes and public institutions (universities, health institutions, etc.).

Should the pre-proposal be deemed of interest by the Foundation, you will be asked to write the complete project application in good understandable English. Applications written in poor English will not be considered.

Topics of interest to the Foundation
The Nando Peretti Foundation has been operating for over ten years to support programs aimed at protecting and promoting human rights, children education and protection, scientific and medical research and health, promotion of art and culture, environmental protection and nature conservation.

Particular attention is paid to the immediate intervention programs for those who live in situations of extreme economic and social hardship. If you wish to explore the areas of intervention and type of projects that the Foundation has supported to date, please visit our website at All past and ongoing projects are published online.

Eligibility of the applicant and the project
The Nando Peretti Foundation is a non-profit foundation. Therefore, the candidate must be a non-profit organization (association, foundation, cultural association, university, academic institution, etc.).
To facilitate the reception process and given the large amount of requests that we receive, please know that we will not take into account proposals that are incomplete or do not adhere strictly to the instructions given in the guidelines.

All requests will receive a protocol number which testifies successful reception. This number will be communicated in a short time (in real time if you use the online mode). Subsequently, if the application was filled out correctly, you will be contacted to provide the official documentation of your association / organization.

The average time required for the analysis and evaluation of project proposals is about sixty days from the closing date for submission of proposals. During this period, please be patient and wait for our communication regarding the outcome of evaluations.

Finally, please know that you will be notified of the positive or negative outcome of your project proposal.

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