Wildlife Photos Competition 2013 - Golden Turtle

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Closing Date: October 31,2013.

The wildlife fund "FLORANIMAL" is the organizer and the legal owner of wildlife photo competition "Golden Turtle", exhibitions and everything related to this name. Judges and experts commission are constituted by the organizer and the final decision about the works, accepted by them, isn't subject to the appeal. Any author can be the participant of competition, except organizers of the competition, the announced judges if its works meet competition requirements. Open to all photographers worldwide. Official languages of competition are Russian and English.
Author (photographer) - the person made a photo and submitted it to a competition and subsequent exhibitions with whom further all organizational questions will be solved.
Photo (work, a picture, the image) – a picture made a camera, satisfying terms and being the property of the author.
The graphic editor – any computer program helping digital processing of a photo.
RAW — format RAW is understood that the data received directly from a matrix without processing. This format confirms authenticity and integrity of a picture. For the pictures made on the film technics, in case of hit in a semi-final additional procedure will be offered.

Total number of the photos sent by the author on competition, can’t be more than 20. One author can be presented no more than 10 pictures to a nomination (in a nomination "Landscape" - no more than 5 photos). No image may be entered in more than one nomination.
In case the photo is made by a digital camera without the demountable technics, the quantity of pixels of a matrix of the camera should be not less than 8 million (8 Mpix).

The photographers participating in youth nomination, have no right to participate in others.

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