Call For Proposal 2014/2015 - SPF: Grant Fund 2014

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Closing Date: October 31,2014: 

The Sasakawa Peace Foundation was established in 1 September 1986 as endowment of the Nippon Foundation and Japanese Motorboat Racing Industry with the mission to contribute to the welfare of humankind and the sound development of the international community. The foundation has worked to promote efforts to contribute to the international community. SPF promotes Japan’s international contribution, seeks to resolve global issues, and endeavors to strengthen mutual understanding and cooperation with priority regions.

The Sasakawa Peace Foundation (SPF) accepts grant proposals from eligible organizations/institutions in different categories. Grant can be requested for projects in two different categories – Regular Projects and Special Funds.

Regular Projects – For projects in fields considered important by SPF, such as peace building and human migration. Regular Projects deal with issues.
1.    Efforts to Ensure Peace and Security in the International Community
§  Peace Building and Security Issues
§  Non-Traditional Security Issues
2.    Addressing Positive and Negative Aspects of Globalization
§  Market and Disparities Issues
§  Issues Involving Demographic Changes and Population Movement
§  Interface Issues between Science and Technology and Society
3.    Promotion of Mutual Understanding between Priority Regions and Japan
§  Exchange Program between Japan and the United States

Special Funds – For projects addressing pressing issues in the Asian and Pacific Islands Regions. Special Funds focus on four prioritized geographical areas –
1.    The Sasakawa Pacific Islands Nations Funds
2.    The Sasakawa Japan-China Friendship Fund
3.    The Sasakawa Middle East Islam Fund
4.    The Sasakawa Pan Asia Fund

Application can be made for any amount; projects supported by SPF till date fall between the range US$20,000 to US$100,000.

Eligibility Criteria:
§  Incorporated foundations and corporations, NPO corporations, universities and other incorporated educational institutions, and private organizations conducting non-profit activities, established on the basis of the Act on Promotion of Specified Non-profit Activities are eligible to apply.
§  Commercial enterprises and individuals are not eligible for the grant.
§  Applicant can be from any country.

§  Applications must be submitted either in English or Japanese language.

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