Request For Proposal 2015 - US EPA: Cooperative Agreement to Strengthen Environmental Governance Capacity

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EPA is soliciting proposals for a collaborative program that would enhance environmental governance capacity of institutions (environmental and/or related functions):

§  in support of United States Government Free Trade Agreements (FTAs): in Central America and Caribbean, South America, the Middle East, North Africa, and/or
§  in support of other EPA bilateral initiatives, including but not limited to, EPA’s collaboration with: China, Indonesia, Taiwan, Sub-Sahara Africa, and Brazil.

The overall objective of this cooperative agreement is to assist institutions in strengthening their legal, technical, research, analytical, program implementation capacity, and policies and procedures for more effective governance through the exchange of expert knowledge, information, strategies, and tools.  The proposed program will provide capacity building through the development and implementation of projects in areas, including but not limited to:
§  water resource management: surface and groundwater, drinking water, and wastewater management
§  solid waste management
§  air quality management
§  greenhouse gases (GHG)
§  black carbon
§  climate adaptation and resiliency
§  emergency response capacity
§  environmental impact assessments (EIA)
§  public participation/social inclusion
§  Environmental enforcement and compliance.  

The estimated total award will be US$5 million over five years.

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