HIF Grant Prgoram 2011: Large Grant facility is now open.

Posted by Shofi Fida Tuesday, August 2, 2011 0 comments
Recent years have seen a groundswell of interest in the role of innovation in improving the performance of the international humanitarian system. The argument for more innovation in international humanitarian response is straightforward: innovation has the potential to stimulate positive change through new and improved ways of delivering assistance to those who need it most.
Innovation should be approached as a dynamic process of improvement and adaptation which strengthens an organisations’ or individual’s ability to survive and thrive. Innovation might focus on creating and implementing new or improved products and services, on new processes, on new ways of positioning work, or on new business models. Novelty should not be seen as a good in itself, rather innovations need to judged on the basis of their contributions to improvements in efficiency, effectiveness, quality or outcomes.

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