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 Closing Date: January 19,2012.

Since its establishment, the UN Trust Fund has been an important source of support to women’s, grassroots and other civil society organizations, nurturing innovation, catalyzing change and mobilizing key actors and constituencies – from community to national and international levels. It has contributed to breaking the once nearly universal silence on violence against women through grants to broaden awareness, advocate for passage and implementation of laws grounded in human rights standards, promote access to services and develop sustainable capacities for continued progress. Grantees – comprising governments, nongovernmental organizations, and since 2008, UN Country Teams – have engaged diverse actors, such as women’s, men’s, adolescents and youth groups, indigenous communities, religious and traditional leaders, human rights organizations and the media in action to stop violence against women and girls. To date, the UN Trust Fund has supported 339 initiatives in 127 countries and territories with more than US$ 78 million.

The UN Trust Fund operates based on the voluntary contributions of UN Member States, nonprofit organizations, foundations, the private sector and concerned individuals. Its governance and grantmaking is guided by consultative committees at global and subregional levels comprised of UN agencies, leading experts and other key stakeholders.3 Information on the UN Trust Fund, including its history, past grantees and donors, can be found on UN Women’s website.

The 2011 UN Trust Fund Call invites proposals in the following areas of action:
i. Closing the Gap on the Implementation of National and Local Laws, Policies and Action Plans that Address Violence against Women 
ii. Addressing Violence against Women in Conflict, Postconflict and Transitional Settings Through its grants, the UN Trust Fund aims to expand the global knowledge base on ‘what works’ by supporting the piloting, testing, upscaling, evaluation, documentation and dissemination of catalytic, innovative and promising approaches on ending violence against women and girls. 

The ideal proposal will ensure rigorous documentation of effective approaches addressing violence against women, with a view to sharing lessons learned and providing practical guidance for other programmers.

In all cases, emphasis will be placed on the applicant’s ability to clearly articulate the contextual challenges, expected results and strategies to achieve them, with a focus on tailored approaches to address the proposed form of violence or beneficiary age group targeted through the intervention. Programmes reaching especially marginalized populations including the internally displaced, refugees, victims of trafficking, and women with disabilities will receive special consideration. Additional information will also be requested of applicants shortlisted to submit a full
fledged proposal.

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